Homeless Man’s Moment Of Excitement When He Lands A Permanent Job

Now here’s a feel-good situation. A homeless gentleman raised his arms and got super excited after he was given a position at a window supply business and acquired his first paycheck.

The anonymous ex-drifter was seen celebrating and running along the street with joy following the offer of a long-term job the other day.

He had been presented the employment once he completed a temporary work test.

Aaron Doyle, who is employed at Central RPL, shared the tear-jerking video online.

Doyle stated, “It might seem like nothing to most, but this guy has really won me over. His reaction as he left was absolutely priceless.”

homeless job homeless job

Doyle claimed the individual had been getting meals supplied by a nearby place of worship and possesses no belongings at all though he is kind enough to offer Doyle a candy bar and some of his cup of joe each day. Doyle confirmed, “he doesn’t know where his next meal is coming from and doesn’t eat the best, every single morning he offers me a chocolate bar or some of his coffee.”

Mr. Doyle added, “He is currently staying at a shelter…and wants to get back on his feet.”

“He started at work on a trial basis to see how he got on, and if he made a good impression he would be given a permanent position,” Doyle explained, “The best part is, he’s been paid his first week’s wages and told he’s got a permanent job. The reaction as he left was priceless.”



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