Horse Attacks Alligator In Florida

Something very rare was caught on tape in Gainesville Florida at a nearby prairie.  A few friends hiking by the prairie stumbled upon a number of horses and then an alligator a few yards away.

The gator was apparently sneaking up on a baby horse in the pack, and the other horses noticed.  Then one of the horses kicked the alligator, according to one of the hikers.

Krystal Berry, a hiker in the group told Fox 13:

“The alligator walked beside them and paused…The horse kicked the alligator, which made it waddle across the trail. Then the horse started attacking again.”

“It really was wild, did NOT expect to see that today!”

After the gator kept following the horses after being kicked, the horse went on an all out attack, in which the alligator snapped and appeared to maybe have bitten the horse in the leg.  Then the gator then looks to give up and retreats away.

Check out the video of the footage below: