Husband Barks At Wife For Giving Birth In New Truck, Here Is How The Wife Responds…

During a recent “Untold Stories of the ER” segment, emergency room surgeon Dr. Brian Snyder talked about a delivery where a man’s wife had her baby in the couple’s new truck, and her husband yelled at her for ruining it.

Snyder said doctors concluded there was no way to move the in-active labor mother quickly and opted to deliver the baby in the truck. He said the infant was born with the umbilical cord wrapped the neck, but they had been able to remove it.

The new mother, Andrea, has given birth to a healthy girl. Snyder used a towel to wrap the infant in and handed her to her mother. A crowd, which has gathered around the truck, cheered and clapped.

Andrea’s husband was overcome with emotion, which Snyder thought was due to his daughter’s birth. Snyder said he thought Andrea’s husband was going to faint from the blood by the expression on his face.

He was wrong!

According to Snyder, the man was upset that his wife had just ruined the specially-ordered interior. He said, “You couldn’t have waited 15 minutes?”

After his outburst, his wife balled up and punched him in the nose. Snyder said suddenly there weren’t two people in need of medical attention, but three. The infant, Andrea and Andrea’s husband who was knocked unconsciousness and on the ground from the punch.

The birth dramatization has been seen over 600,000 times on YouTube and has sparked debates in the comments on whether or not the new mom should have punched her husband about the vehicle. Many people have commented that they support Andrea in her reaction.

One YouTube commenter said, “You go girl!”

Another said, “I would have done the same thing if my fiancé would have said something like that.”

Most commenters agreed that Andrea’s “love tap” was well-deserved.

The “Untold Stories of the ER” show runs on the Discovery Channel.

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