Totally Insecure Boyfriend Doesn’t Get The Reply He Wanted And Completely Freaks Out

If you feel insecure, here’s a tip – don’t show it to your partner. Ever! Nobody likes a loser.

Unfortunately, this guy freaked out for no reason and, logically, the girl dumped him. But, she didn’t just dump him, she made a public story out of it on the Reddit.

What happened? The guy sent a selfie to his girlfriend at about 1:30 am. For some reason, the girl didn’t answer it at once. So, the guy got mad, I mean, literally mad.

“So it started at 1:34 AM. He sent me a selfie and then got mad that I didn’t comment on how ‘hot’ he is.”, the girl said.



“Mental hospital for my health….damn son, that’s cold.”


“I don’t care about the other girls around me,” Bruh, you admitted to me Sunday that you made out with another girl at a club.”







The girl explained the whole thing was happening for an hour or so.

“My phone was dead, and any rational person would assume that. He blew up, which was unusual. Needless to say, I said f*ck it and dumped him on the spot.

The reason I’m posting this is because we often see guys post about their crazy exes, but you don’t see many crazy ex-boyfriends.”

Well done, Kate!

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