Pedophile Shot Dead In Italy ‘By Hitman Hired By The Father Of Victim’

Police in Italy is investigating whether a pedophile freed from jail after abusing two teenage girls was shot dead by a hitman hired by the father of a victim who later committed suicide.

Giuseppe Matarazzo, 45, a shepherd, was murdered in the town of Frasso Telesino, around 35 miles north of Naples, in July last year.

He was shot five times from an SUV after one of the passengers beckoned him over to ask for directions.

On Friday, police arrested two men – Generoso Nastam, 30, and Giuseppe Massaro, 55 – who they believe were driving the vehicle used in the crime.

They are also investigating, but have not yet arrested, the father of a 15-year-old girl who was abused by Matarazzo.

The girl committed suicide after he was jailed for 11 and a half years for the abuse.

State prosecutor Aldo Policastro told Repubblica that Matarazzo’s murder was ‘certainly on commission… for revenge’ and said Friday’s arrests were only the first step in their investigation.

Policastro said that no direct link had been discovered between the victim’s father and the two men, meaning there were likely intermediaries who introduced them.

While police believe Massaro acquired the .357 magnum pistol used in the crime, they do not think he pulled the trigger, and are still hunting for the shooter.

Italian Paedophile shot dead

Giuseppe Matarazzo was shot dead after being released from prison for sexual abuse. Police believe he was killed by hitmen hired by the father of one of his victims

Investigators believe that Massaro used a Fiat Croma registered to a family member to help carry out the crime.

They say inspections of the car’s GPS show that it drove to the location of the murder for several days beforehand, and was there on the day in question.

After the day of the murder, the vehicle did not return to the spot again.

Conversations intercepted from Massaro’s phone led officers to Generoso Nastam, they revealed.

The messages also showed that Massaro was looking to obtain fake identity papers in order to escape from Italy.

Both men are due in front of magistrates in the coming days for questioning.

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