Another Woman Judged Her Postpartum Body, And Her Response Got A Lot Of Attention…

Kelly was perusing through Target when a woman came up to her.  She was expecting what a lot of people do at that time, that the woman would have a short chat, compliment her newborn, and move on her merry way.


This is exactly what happened at first, the woman who approached Kelly had some small chit-chat and said how cute her baby looked. However, Kelly wrote in a FB post that things devolved pretty fast.

She writes:


It Works is a skin care product that is marketed to rehabilitate the skin and a lot of women after pregnancy use it.  It was offensive to Kelly for this woman to bring it up though since it was soliciting her product, and most importantly because she noticed that Kelly just had a baby and a postpartum body.  The feelings of body insecurity happen to a lot of women after pregnancy, and Kelly elaborated on that in her post.



There were quite a number of users who sympathized with Kelly and was very turned off by the stranger’s behavior.




But, there is always another side to the coin, and these people felt a different way about it…



Then Janetta shared this morsel, which is pretty on point from an objective standpoint.


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What do you think about this situation?