This KFC Has A Few Words For People Upset With The Sign On Their Door

KFC is responding to its slew of complaints about the sign on its front door that says all uniformed officers will eat free every day. The company’s response to the public was, “Too Bad It’s Staying Up.”

The sign, which was shared on the Ohio’s Going Blue social media page, and has received more than 9,000 likes on Facebook and been shared over 4,000 times.


There have been people who have commented on KFC’s action including officers. For instance, one officer who commented said it was a positive thing that the restaurant was doing, but it was a shame that people couldn’t see the bigger picture. He said officers don’t go into restaurants to get a discount or free food – uniformed or not. Officers don’t like being treated special. He said KFC is acknowledging the work that officers do.

The unknown officer also wrote, in response to another person’s comment about first responders eating free, that they should also be acknowledged for their work.

KFC employees were also making comments on the post in their support for officers.

One commenter said they feed their officers for free on a daily basis. They said it would be nice if they could give free meals to veterans, and would make that suggestion to the owners.

Another commenter said officers deserve to get free things because they have an important job.

In a total opposite incident, one cook refused to serve a uniformed Virginia police officer, denying her service. He allegedly said he better be pulled off the line because he wasn’t serving that.

Police Chief Earl Cook said the first response for anybody including officers is anger. He said these are trying times for community relations between police departments and the citizens they serve everywhere in the country. He said to have one of his officers treated so poorly makes you mad, but then you start to calm down.

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