Lady Completely Loses It Because Guy Didn’t “Read Her Terms” On Dating Service

Check out this lady’s bio and check it out long and hard and make sure to read every word.  It could possibly mean your life if you don’t.


When you’re using a service like Tinder there are so many prospects and such little time, at least for many people.  This might not be the best way to go about it, but it seems to be the consensus of how to operate on Tinder amongst many individuals.

Therefore sometimes people see a blurb or two they like or figure they might have in common with the match in their profile bio, and they swipe right to speak with them.


That’s what happened in this instance between a person named Spencer and the poor sap who started it with her.


Here’s a prime example of the guy simply not really reading her entire bio.  It happens, but she is quite clearly frustrated about it.


Ok, this rant is going entirely too far where she seems like she is talking to herself.  The guy is only interested in GTA from what can be ascertained.


Something serious must have happened to this woman.


He was just looking for a 4th player to his heist in GTA.  They are so close to buying a tank.

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