First Pregnant Man In Country Gives Birth To Baby

It’s a girl for Britain’s first ever pregnant man.

When Gloucester resident Hayden Cross was 18, he legally became a man using gender reassignment. However, the now 21-year-old stopped the transition long enough to have a child, becoming pregnant using a sperm donor.

Cross’ daughter Trinity-Leigh was born June 16 by cesarean. This makes him the first transgender man to become pregnant and give birth in the country. Cross said his daughter was just so perfect.

With the pregnancy out of the way, he’ll now move forward with gender reassignment, removing both his ovaries and breasts.

Cross, who used to be called Paige, had asked the NHS to freeze his eggs so he could have children some day. His request was denied, which is when he turned to a Facebook group looking for a donor.

Cross said it was important to him to have a biological child, which is why he put the gender reassignment surgeries on hold. He said he’s always wanted children.

On the certificate, his daughter, who was born at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, has no named father, with Cross listed as the mother.

Cross admits there was controversy about his pregnancy. He said he got mixed reactions and some death threats. Cross said people can’t really comprehend his situation, but he wanted people to know that there are others like him that don’t have any kind of support.

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