Man Tricks Kidnapper Into Giving Away His Location And Saves The Day

People often come closer together to bring a child home when that child is missing. However, for four-year-old Yvette, this couldn’t be further than the truth.

Yvette’s grandparents were given legal custody of the child, but the little girl’s father had other plans and took her to Arizona. The grandparents live in California.

Nobody could find the father and daughter.

Harry Brown, 21, is from Surrey, England and far away from the family. However, it was he who was able to bring the little girl home when no one else could do it.

Harry met the girl’s father several years ago while playing an online video game together. Since Yvette’s father trusted the young man, he decided to get in touch with him. They talked like old friends, even getting him to confess where he was at – an Arizona hotel. Brown was even able to con the man into giving him the room number through offering him a free pizza to be delivered to his room.

Harry, who lives thousands of miles away, was able to bring the four-year-old child back to her grandparents, safe and sound.