Woman Arrested After Giving Out Two Black Eyes and Pulling Out Ax

The decision to defend her daughter came at a high price – time behind bars and multiple felony charges.

According to police, Ernstlatta LaFrance came to her daughter’s high school – Carol City Senior High School – to talk to a female student who fought with her child. During the confrontation, the woman slapped a cell phone out of the girl’s hand and then proceeded to hit her multiple times.

Although LaFrance left school grounds after that, the victim went after her for the cell phone.

When this happened, LaFrance began hitting the girl again and broke her middle finger in the process.

Authorities said LaFrance grabbed an ax and began hitting the girl’s vehicle with it, causing extensive damage.

Erlisa Evans, LaFrance’s girlfriend, was also arrested after she fired multiple gunshots into the air.

After the fight was over, LaFrance decided to post a video of it on Facebook and told the rival never to mess with her child again.

According to a police report, the mother bragged that she gave the victim to black eyes but that it wasn’t over and that she would use a gun next time.

This incident is the result of a fight at the county fair between LaFrance’s daughter and several other girls.

LaFrance was taken into custody and faces numerous charges – aggravated battery, child abuse and strong-armed robbery. She was given a $38,000 bond.

Evans faces two charges as well – aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and firing a gun in public.

Source: NYDailyNews