Family Frantically Searches For Missing Father Only To Realize He Left Them For An Online Meetup

missing person

A 44-year-old father of three from San Antonio, TX had been declared missing earlier this month. His loved ones notified authorities that the father, Lee Arms, had gone missing and then shortly after that his vehicle was discovered with the door ajar, and the car running but with no man in sight.

Most of Arms’ private possessions were found in the car, with exception of his boots which were outside.

The Father’s nearest and dearest including volunteers began to hunt for him when Arms hadn’t appeared for work at UPS. The local county investigators also joined in the search after he was reported missing. As reported by News 4 San Antonio, Arms’ family set up a homemade control center in close proximity to where Arms’ vehicle was discovered.

The man has a wife named Kathy and several children; 2 sons of the age sixteen and nineteen, and a daughter that’s 8. They were all very worried about him at the time of his missing.

missing person

Someone close with the family, Cheryl Lyssy, couldn’t accept that Arms would simply abandon his home.

Lyssy stated, “He was a people person. He was everywhere. He wouldn’t have just left that day and not come back. He is somewhere and needs to be found.”

An announcement was made a week ago by Bexar County Sheriff’s Office that Arms was found and departed from his home by his own conscious decision.

The Sheriff’s office confirmed,”Mr. Arms was found safe and unharmed. His disappearance was not the result of an accident but the result of his own decision to leave”.

A professional who was engaged in the hunt to locate Arms believes the Father ought to be on the hook for the money that was utilized in finding him.

The lady who wants Arms to pay up, Dottie Laster of the Heidi Search Center, argued,”If you’re a taxpayer you may have questions…he should pay for the expense of the county and to the Heidi Search Center.”

As Arms’ missing started to be known across the country, authorities out of state had gotten a hold of Laster. She helped that jurisdictions’ specialists to positively recognize Arms and confirm it was indeed the missing Father.

According to CBS DFW, the man was discovered 25 miles south of Cleveland, Ohio. Arms allegedly deserted his spouse and children to begin a life with an individual he encountered on the internet.

Arms has no pending charges as he did not commit any crimes, and the report of him missing has been ended. An overview of the father’s behavior by the Sheriff’s department is developing.

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