She Found Something Strange But Pleasant Smelling In The Bathroom, But Got Disgusted When She Figured Out What It Was…

Children are the sweetest creatures on earth. True. Still, there’s the other side of the story. Children can sometimes be very nasty.

Ashford Evans is a mother of three kids and a blogger. Her story shows the extent of grossness children can reach. Or, we can look at the funny side of this story and say – Smile, mom, you’re on candid camera!


This is Evans family. So cute! Now, let’s unveil the story.


After Ashford had come back home from work, she saw a sweet-smelling lump in the bathroom. She decided to share the lump’s photo on Facebook.

“When I entered the bathroom I was greeted by a sweet citrus smell,” she wrote.


“The entire bathroom seemed to have been scrubbed just before my arrival…and that’s when I saw it.”

The lump was placed in a bowl and it looked like a soap.


Ashford thought its smell was delightful.

So, she decided to inspect the ‘thing’.


“I picked it up and held it to my nose breathing the scent in,” Ashford wrote. “The smell of fresh grapefruit in a perfectly silent house is just short of heaven I believe.”

Though she liked the fragrant smelling object, she was still not sure of its origin.


in the morning, one of the three little sweethearts, Eeny, “emerged from the guest bathroom pressing the bar to her lips and breathing deeply, saying, ‘This is my favorite. I love the way this smells.’”

“I know!” Ashford was still positive about the lump. “What IS that?” she asked her.

“Meeny found it in the boys’ bathroom at Tae Kwon Do and brought it home,” Eeny calmly answered to her.

The mystery was finally solved. It was a common urinal cake.


“It wasn’t some upscale boutique $15 soap I had been caressing for the last 12 hours,” she wrote. “It was a urinal cake… A urinal cake that has been peed on my at least 1000 strange little boys that I just held against my cheek!!!!!”

Ok. Be calm. Don’t panic.

Of course, she was really mad. She throws it into the trash, to Eeny’s surprise (because that one she liked the best!), and she started to wash and clean, well, pretty much everything in the house.

“Here’s to kids being the most disgusting creatures ever to crawl the face of the Earth,” she concluded the story on her blog page.


Come on. It can’t be that bad!

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