Mom’s Tragic Instagram Posts About Her Son Who’s Been Lost At Sea For 9 Months

When you think of the very last time of something, you’re never ready, but when you realize it has happened, you don’t want to admit it.  Sometimes it’s too late to say the last magic words to someone you truly love…

Two families in Florida must have been thinking about this for the last 9 months. Two boys, two friends, Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos are missing. One day, they went fishing and never came back home. The boys were never found. Their boat was found with some fishing equipment inside as well as Perry’s iPhone.


Investigators are cooperating with Apple and hope to recover every possible data from the boy’s iPhone.




Though the parents are almost sure the sea took away their boys, they still want to discover what happened that tragic day. The last words that Perry texted to his mom were:“Mom, it’s Perry. My iPad is dead… I’ll text you in a little. Love you.”

Pamela, his mom responded,

“OK. I wanted you to sleep home tonight. I miss you…”


The words are simply not enough to describe this loss. But, there’s a hope that investigators will find out the truth. It’s the only thing left.

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