Drunk Mother Passes Out In Vehicle With Her Child And Paramedics Find Something Disturbing On Daughter’s Head

Police have arrested a South Carolina mother after she was found passed out in her vehicle and her toddler child in the backseat.

According to authorities, a concerned citizen called for paramedics to the scene along Blackstock Road after seeing the woman in her vehicle passed out. When a paramedic got there, he noticed the young child in the backseat. The paramedic knocked on the window several times to get the woman awake – identified as Lori Lawson, 39.

When Lawson woke up, she was slurring her speech and had a strong smell of alcohol emanating from her.

When removing the two-year-old girl from her seat, the paramedic noticed her hair was full of lice. He immediately transported the mother and the little girl to the hospital to be examined.

When investigators talked to Lawson, she was unable to give them the year of her daughter’s birth. Another deputy, who came to the hospital, said Lawson was having difficulties forming coherent complete sentences.

The toddler was treated quickly and placed into emergency protective custody. Police arrested Lawson for child neglect and is at the Spartanburg County Detention Center.

When the story broke on Facebook, many people were quick to condemn Lawson and suggested she faces more charges – not just child neglect.

One Facebook commenter said her daughter’s well-being should have been her main priority, but that’s not happening. The child should be taken from her mother and charges of endangering the child should be added to the list.

Another commenter said the woman was trash and didn’t deserve her daughter. The little girl, they should, should be with people who would love her.

A few commenters said too many people were quick to judge, saying the family must be going through a difficult time. Nobody knows what’s going on and that the world needs to pray for her instead of condemning her.

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