Shocking Video Shows Motorcycle Cop Struggle To Operate Bike

A motorcycle cop was captured in the footage below, struggling to operate her bike.  The officer, believed to be a woman, can be seen struggling to steady on the bike as she tries to ride off into traffic.

A man sees that she is having difficulty with the bike so runs up to her and holds her bike level while she struggles to get on.

Motorcycle Cop Struggle

A motorcycle cop was captured on video unable to operate her bike without assistance

Motorcycle Cop Struggle

A Good Samaritan is shown running up to the officer as he holds her bike level to assist her in getting on it

Motorcycle Cop Struggle

After receiving help, the officer falls from the motorcycle as the two work together to pick the bike back up

After the man helps her, the cop could not seem to keep her balance and stumbles around for minutes.

When the officer falls from the motorcycle again, the pair to work together to pick it up from the pavement.

They try yet again as the bike lights begin blinking. Cars slow down while the cop finally gains control of the handles and slowly rides away.

It is unknown where the video was filmed.

Motorcycle Cop Struggle

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