17 Teachers Share Strange Notes They Confiscated From Their Students

Have you ever been caught passing a note to someone in class? What did it say? Hopefully nothing even close to what these notes said. Here, 17 teachers share the weirdest note they’ve ever confiscated from a student.

When I worked as a teacher’s aide I once intercepted a note from a girl who was known as the “mean girl” of the high school to a boy who had a bit of a reputation for being a stoner. She looked furious and hurled the balled up paper at his head and I scooped it of his desk. It read:

“I know you took a shit in my hand bag you son of a b*tch.”


Took a kid’s phone once. Just as I took it out of her hand, she was sending a text. I take a look…”I want your flesh rocket in my hot pocket.” I haven’t taken anyone’s phone since.


When I was in 5th grade I did extra chores to make $.50 so I could write a note to a girl I liked in the class. I included the $.50 so she could buy fruit snacks at lunch because I knew she liked them. I put the note on her desk when no one was looking. She saw it and then looked around and the money fell out.

The teacher saw it and took the note in front of everyone and asked who did it. She then looked closer and recognized my handwriting and called me out in front of everyone and took me to the principal. I overheard her telling him something about trying to “pay for affection.”


A teacher I know intercepted a crumpled piece of paper a student was trying to keep concealed. The Teacher confiscated it as the student pleaded with him not to open it. He pulled the edges of the ball of paper down expecting to read some juicy gossip but instead was greeted with a load of snot.

The student didn’t have any tissues to blow her nose.


After I turned 21, I ran into my old science teacher buying liquor. We were good friends and remained in contact, even though I dropped out of school. He helped me through biology in college and other courses. Anyway, I offer to take him out to the local bar to buy him a drink.

We were about a couple drinks in and I asked him, out of curiosity, if he had [ever confiscated a weird note from a student before]. He did not mention a name but he intercepted a note that said something like, “This time tomorrow a lot of people are going to be dead here and you better not come in.” He held him after class to ask him what was up. He said he wasn’t going to call the cops on him but he wanted to know why he thought that this was a solution.

The kid broke down crying saying that every day he goes home and it was shit. How he was beaten every day and his father beat the shit out of his mother and everything. The kid lifted up his shirt and showed the bruises. Which apparently was a lot because his chest looked like a totally different color. He told him, I will make you a deal I will teach you how to defend yourself if you promise me you won’t do what you are thinking about doing.

My science teacher got there early that day and waited out front where the students came in and saw him and took him aside and said what is the deal? Tears streaming down his face, he said teach me how to fight. For the next two years, he taught this kid how to defend himself. My science teacher used to be a military drill instructor.

So long story even longer. One night this kid goes home and his father was on a mean, drunken rampage and is about to hit his mother and sister and he just balled up and grabbed his fist and beat the ever living shit out of his old man. From then on his life turned around his father quit drinking, wound up divorcing his mom. The kid forgave his mom. And the kid went on to college and now holds a Ph.D. of some kind.


My mom’s a teacher. One day she came home with a note and threw it on the counter. I, being curious, looked and saw about 8 different sexual positions not only written but drawn out into stick figures performing them. Apparently, my mom stopped the note from being passed around her 4th-grade class.


On my first day of high school, my biology teacher caught me writing in my diary, assumed I was writing notes to someone else and proceeded to read it in front of the class and even ask me questions about things I had written. This included the part about how excited I was that a boy I’d had a crush on for 7 years was sitting behind me.


It was my first year of teaching. Halfway through class one day, I notice a folded piece of paper land on a guy’s desk. I practically ran to his desk to snatch it up, as intercepting your first high school note is a memorable experience for sure.

It was a blank piece of paper.

I got so excited to read it aloud, and to frame it in my study, and to laugh about it at my evening dinner with the colleagues. Why did it have to be blank? Do high schoolers take pride in ruining their teacher’s dreams?

Kids, man. I love this job, but sometimes it really sucks.


It was a back and forth note being passed between two 7th grade girls. They were talking about some boy and one was asking for the other’s advice on making some sort of “big decision.” The whole time I am reading it, I am thinking that I am going to have to have a sex talk with her. Finally, toward the end, she says something to the effect of, “No, I really like him. I am just not sure if I like him enough for him to be the first boy I hold hands with!” I thought it was hilarious that she was putting so much thought into that. I was also very relieved, and my faith in their innocence was restored a bit.


Not a teacher but a Teacher’s Aid. I caught this note being passed in a 2nd-grade class from a little girl to a boy. “Hey Xavier, I like you.” Xavier: “I don’t.”