She Walks Onstage Shyly, Seconds Later Everyone’s Jaw Just Dropped With Her Song Choice

She’s only 12-years-old but Beau Dermott floored the audience with her performance due to her incredibly powerful voice which you would never expect from this innocent looking girl.

“Defying Gravity” was the song and Beau defied the odds by dropping jaws and shocking judges. She not only nailed the popular song from the musical Wicked, she actually managed to put her own unique twist to the song. She is also very passionate about her actual performance as she lights up with excitement when she sings!

This literally could have been the Beau Dermott hour and nobody would have wanted it otherwise after hearing her first number. The odds were defied once again as at the end of the song, Simon Cowell himself was standing tall and saluting the incredible performance. She ended up extremely surprised upon receiving the golden buzzer and the absolute excitement that followed as you will see was indeed golden itself! Check out the amazing performance and what happens after!


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