15-year-old Won’t Stand For The Pledge Because “America Sucks” And Teacher Has A Strict Response

A teenager’s mother is furious with her child’s school, saying his Spanish teacher refused to respect his choice of sitting down during the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance.

Shemar Cooper, 15, attends Eisenhower High School in Chicago and was in Spanish class when the incident occurred. When Cooper’s teacher told him he must stand during the Pledge, he declined and said he felt it unnecessary because “America Sucks.”

According to Kelley Porter, Cooper’s mother, she apologized to the teacher for the language but approved of her son’s choice not to stand during the Pledge of Allegiance.

Both felt the issued has been dealt with until Cooper walked into Spanish class the next week and refused to stand once again for the Pledge. This time, however, Cooper said his teacher allegedly tried standing him up for the Pledge.

Porter turned the incident into the Blue Island police and said she was ready to press charges against the teacher.

According to Porter, her son makes her proud for standing up against police violence and oppression. Porter said her family had served the country time and again, noting her father served during World War II.

Shemar said America has no respect for blacks, and until the killing stops, he won’t stand for the Pledge.

Porter said she and her son don’t hate America, but the behaviors people have put toward black people are what they are unhappy with.

Eisenhower High School principal noted the school takes any allegation of students’ right being violated seriously. The principal said all students’ First Amendment right should be respected whether or not someone agrees with it.

Porter said she liked the teacher suspended for the action. The principal said school officials were investigating the matter.

What did you think about how the student and teacher behaved?