Policewoman Dies From Tuberculosis After Woman Spits in Her Face

A policewoman died of tuberculosis seven months after a New Year’s Day reveler spat in her face.

Arina Koltsova, 35, was in the process of arresting a man when he got upset and spat on her. When she arrested him, she had no idea he had tuberculosis. It wasn’t long after that she got sick.

Despite not feeling her best, she attempted to ignore the feeling. The sickness only got worse; she collapsed while working. Officers quickly got her to the hospital where she was found to have tuberculosis. Doctors started her treatment right away, but it was too late. Doctors also had a feed her through an IV drip, and she dropped a ton of weight.

She died from tuberculosis complications in July 2016 and buried in Kiev.

The department wrote on its social media page that it would always have fond memories of the fallen officer and that she was an irreplaceable member of the police force.

One friend of Arina said she wanted to do something for the country and she made a conscious choice to join the police department.

The National Insitute of Health said tuberculous is treatable when it’s caught early. It takes up to 12 months of antibiotics for the treatment to be successful. In very rare cases, people are subjected to the drug-resistant strain and difficult to treat.

Doctors don’t know if Arina’s strain was drug-resistant or that she was too late in seeking treatment to be cured.

There’s no word on what will happen to the criminal who spat in the officer’s face, leading to her death. However, many people on the Internet have suggested that he faces some sort of charge.

One person said if he knew he had tuberculosis he needs to be charged with manslaughter or murder.

Another commenter said the man should face murder charges.

source: AWM