A Pregnant Mistress Texts The Wrong Number, And Things Get Ridiculous….

If you think you’ve heard everything, follow this! It’s absolutely unbelievable.

Read the messages between a pregnant (PW) and not pregnant woman (NPW), though it’s not clear if the second person is a woman or a man.

Anyway, the first one thinks the other one is a girlfriend of her baby’s father. The pregnant woman turns out to be on a wrong track…


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NPW receives a message from an unknown person: “I just thought id [sic] should tell you. Youre [sic] boyfriend made me pregnant.” She answers back: “Oh no! Which boyfriend?”

PW is obviously quite angry at Sam and at this point, NPW starts her nasty game..

First, she sends her loads of pictures of popular Sams.


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Now PW thinks that the girl loves Sam that much she doesn’t see how bad the guy is.


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Uh oh, isn’t it ironic?

Now she’s well aware of the fact that she’s dealing with a nut.


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Now she decides it’s time to teach her a lesson.


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She gives her a grammar lesson in order to make fun of her illiterate messages.


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PW is now really angry. She says she wants Sam and if NPW “has” him. NPW answers she’s actually keeping him locked in the boot of her car.


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Bad luck, Sam.

On the other hand, he’s safe for a while…But at least he would stay out of trouble.

Now it seems PW is fed up with jokes…


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She finally realizes she’s knocking at wrong door…


PW feels bad about everything, but…the NPW goes on with her game so PW calls her a psycho.


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And the game is over.

At least, this time she was close to using – you’re – in a grammatically correct way.

Who knows…maybe she’s learned some other, more important things from all this.

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