Significant Evidence Emerges That The President Was Under Surveillance During The Election

There will probably come to be adequate proof after all things are considered, to uphold the assertion that under Barack Obama’s reign, President Trump had been tapped during the 2016 Election.

Assets inside the intelligence agencies showed that surveillance demands were produced by the Federal Bureau Of Investigation over the span of Obama’s last months in office concerning Donald Trump and his behavior. There was a request by the FBI that specifically named Trump, but which had been denied by the FISA court because there wasn’t enough indication of probable cause to back it up.

There was a second request, though, and it was provided several months after the 1st request. According to the Washington Examiner, this inquiry was approved as opposed to the 1st request, and the FBI was permitted to analyze Donald Trump’s links to all things concerning the Russian government and Russian intelligence throughout the end of the 2016 Presidential election.

Election Surveillance

CNN noted that Barack Obama and President Trump haven’t been in contact with each other since January 20th, the time of the Presidential Inauguration of Donald Trump, but their communicators and staff are talking.

The Whitehouse chief of staff, Reince Priebus apparently discussed the FISA requests and tapping allegations with Denis McDonough, the Chief of Staff under Obama.

Barack Obama has allegedly been frustrated as a result of the President’s accusatory tweets of Obama wiretapping him, due to the fact they were not accompanied by any proof. Regardless of quite a few companies in the media declaring a certain narrative, Obama’s response wasn’t evidently rage or hatred.

The strains with regards to the former and current President appear right after a supposed “warm” association which progressed between them before the date of Inauguration.

After the accusations had been released by President Trump, The Obamas have largely stayed below the radar. They were however identified in Washington D.C. perusing the National Gallery of Art just recently.

In a sit down with Vice President Mike Pence a prominent media outlet brought up the explosive remarks and accusations of President Trump’s tweets. Pence averted from the question, not stating if he supported Trump’s assertions for sure.

According to The Hill, the Vice President claimed, “What I can say is that the president and our administration are very confident that the congressional committees in the House and Senate that are examining issues surrounding the last election, the run-up to the last election, will do that in a thorough and equitable way.”

Pence also claimed the White House is more focused on difficulties encountering the people of the nation.

“Rest assured our focus is right where the American people are focused and that’s on bringing more jobs here to Ohio,” Pence replied.

Numerous visitors to The Hill believe Trump was diverting the media and public’s focus with wiretap tweets, from his supposed ties to Russia.

“Trump’s ridiculous tweets are failing to deflect away from the obvious, and Pence isn’t about to go down with the ship. Trump has more Soviet loving Russians on his staff than Putin himself does,” a reader said on

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