Boyfriend Proposes With Hamilton Rap In One-Of-A-Kind Way

He picked up a pen, he wrote his own way into her heart.

Elijah Essa, a Hamilton fan wanted to propose to his girlfriend in an unforgettable way. With the help from his friends, he managed to rework the trending and incredibly popular musical, gather his loved ones in the audience and finally, ask his fiance, Sarah Burnett, to marry him. These two young people have been enjoying their love for five years but they are fellow students at Western Kentucky University as well.

Essa said to

“My fiancé and I are huge fans of Hamilton, and I knew she would freak out if I incorporated it into the proposal”

So, Essa and his friends decided to perform “My Shot”, the hit song from the musical:

“We hit the ground running with practices…[She] thought it was going to be a presentation for a student organization we are both involved in.”

He invited Sarah and about 200 other people, including family and friends on the opening night. The excitement was in the air and it was more than obvious that something ‘big’ was about to happen.

At the very end of the show, Essa approached Sarah and took her to the stage. And then, the magical moment happened. Essa gave her the ring and she said – yes!

Essa joked:

“I think from the beginning of the performance, she knew what was happening,”

As for Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of this fabulous musical, Essa hopes he will sense this impressive gesture, and recognize that his works have a great impact on people:

He explained:

“You realize how Lin-Manuel has so much passion for the musical and everything that he does, It’s ten times more enjoyable knowing that he created this for a reason.”

You can see the wonderful performance and proposal in this video:


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