12 Years After He Rescued Her From Hurricane Katrina, She Asks Him Something Awesome

The people from Louisiana surely remember the year 2005 as one of the worst in their lives. Of course, you can guess why. We all remember hurricane Katrina. Mike Maroney, a Master Sgt. and LaShay Brown were a few of the people wrapped up in this terrible hurricane. But, their story is different from others because this hurricane changed their lives for the better.

The whole world saw their famous and heartwarming photo. LaShay who was 3 at the moment, gave a big hug and the most beautiful smile to Sgt. Maroney because he saved her and her family from the claws of the merciless hurricane.

After this, life and service took Maroney to a different and distant land – Iraq and Afganistan. He brought this photo to give him hope every time he needed it.


When he came back home after the war, he promised himself to find LaShay. He sent the photo and a message on the Instagram in order to find her. Soon, he found the sweet Katrina girl.


They’ve met in a TV show after all those years and since then they’re great friends. Though she was a little girl, she could never forget his noble deed. She even joined JROTC at her school.

Maroney is really happy with her choice and supportive.

“I am proud of her no matter what she does and will support her in everything she does,” he said. “I think she understands service and I believe that she will do great things no matter what she chooses.”


LaShay, now 14, asked her hero to join the JROTC ball together. He was thrilled with this great sign of respect.

Maroney said: “she rescued me more than I rescued [her]”.

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