Woman Leaves Restaurant In A Rage After Manager Tells Her Blunt Truth

A woman whose interaction with a restaurant manager she claimed as rude went viral and people are not siding with the mother on it.

The video, which was filmed by the woman’s sister, shows the woman arguing with the manager about the children’s noise level, which she claimed was too loud for the manager. She asked the manager how he expected to keep the establishment open if they didn’t expect to have families with children visiting.

The manager replied that he only asked her if she would try to keep the kids a bit quieter. And, that she was the one that said it was “eff’d up” when he walked away. He said he wasn’t trying to upset her but just explains that the kids were a little too loud for others in the restaurant.

The woman attempts to justify their behavior by saying they were talking to each other and their mothers.

He tells her that she needs to consider the other customers in the restaurant as well, saying the kids were actually screaming. He apologizes again for making her upset, and she threatens to call the manager’s supervisor. The manager said she could do that, which caused her to say that she felt unwelcome in the restaurant.

Again, he said he didn’t mean to upset her, but felt the need to ask the request. He said she was the one dropping the f-word.

The woman’s sister said that’s not the issue, to which he said, yes it was.

The woman claims she won’t pay for her meal.

The manager said she could sue him, but she will be paying for the meal.

The video was posted and went viral, but most viewers were on the manager’s side for the incident.

According to one viewer, the mother was behaving badly – being rude, annoying and condescending. The manager kept his cool.

Another viewer said restaurants should not be seen as babysitters. It’s a parent’s job to watch their children. If a parent wants their child to run and scream in a restaurant, they need to go to McDonald’s with a Playland.

Some viewers did take sides with the mother about the restaurant’s family-friendly policy.

One viewer said she understood where everyone was coming from, but that when going out with kids under the age of 5, it’s expected to come with noise and fidgety butts.