If You’ve Ever Wanted A Way To Get Rid Of Those Yellow Pit Stains, Check This Out…

You have tried everything – literally everything to perfectly wash your clothes and get out some of those tough stains. You spent a lot of money for expensive detergents and stain cleaner but still, you didn’t get exactly what you were looking for. Don’t worry, here come the most efficient ways to make your clothes pure white and clean smelling!

Baking Soda

Mix 4 liters of water with one cup of baking soda. Then, put your clothes in this mixture for several minutes. You’ll be surprised with the final result.

Vinegar and lemon

Mix lemon juice and some vinegar and wash your clothes with this mixture. Your clothes will be pure white, stainless and smelling great!


My neighbor shared this trick with me. This is absolutely fabulous if you want to remove the stains, and in particular those nasty pit stains from your clothes to bring back that pure white color:

Crush 6 Aspirins and put them in a bowl of water. Put your clothes in the bowl and leave it for 30 minutes. Next, wash your clothes with some regular detergent. Prepare to be dazzled with the final results!


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