Caregiver Robbed A Disabled Child’s Drug Treatment Which Led To His Death

Michigan investigative experts began looking into a situation involving a health worker being responsible for the loss of a young impaired child once sufficient evidence had been revealed.  According to reporting by Target 8, Kristie Mollohan, a 40-year-old from Kalamazoo, admitted to stealing a disabled child’s medication and using the drug.

The boy, Ryley Maue, who was only 4 years old at his time of death, passed away at the end of August last year due to convulsions associated with Cerebral Palsy. Ryley should’ve been administered Valium to suppress and manage the seizures but instead, the caregiver was found diluting the substance with filler liquids and water to substitute it.

disabled drug treatment

The diluted Valium the nurse was cutting with water and other liquids had not been adequately powerful in halting the potentially fatal afflictions that the boy was suffering from and consequently, little Ryley died as a result of the seizures.

Maue’s Mother claimed, “It’s the cruelest thing ever imagined. You never would think that somebody would just do that to a handicapped child on life support.”

Just before he died, the boy figured out to flip over and sit upright entirely by himself. The Mother of the departed revealed that her sons both had Cerebral Palsy and each of them had been prescribed liquid Valium to handle their conditions. Two caregivers had been helping Ryley and one of them realized Mollohan was the one watering down the treatment.

The mother contacted police and described the crime, but was not jumping to any conclusion that the nursing employee was to blame.

“I would have never thought of a nurse doing something like that…I would love to see her get prosecuted…go to prison for a long time,” Ryley’s Mother somberly expressed.  Mollohan is also being investigated for another circumstance concerning similar claims.

WOODTV from Grand Rapids reports that Mollohan’s LPN registration had been suspended 2 months ago.

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