Boycott Of Rodeos Called For After Horse Dies In Tragic Rodeo Accident

In a tragic and shocking series of events, a beautiful horse named Treasure of Patience died in a Dallas-Fort Worth Rodeo after running into the crowd barricade wall. In the video shot by Bruce Weidner on FB live, the horse is shown to be bucking wildly and not acutely aware that it’s headed for the wall. It’s unknown what could’ve caused the horse to do this as it was reported this particular show animal has performed this act hundreds of times.

As the scenario unfolded and a crowd of rodeo workers and professionals gathered around the horse, the announcer of the arena tried to re-assure the people in the stands saying “I want everybody to relax” and “The first best medicine is prayer”.

The horse technically suffered a spinal cord injury as it ran into the partition. It’s likely that it went into shock immediately when this happened and there was no pain. Another incident similar to this occurred just half a month ago on January 16th during a Bronco exhibition at the exact same rodeo. Matt Brockman, the show spokesman, spoke to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram where he is quoted alleging that “it’s extremely rare” and “this is just one of those odd situations we find ourselves in” when referring to the incidents.

In light of these events, The People For Ethical Treatment of Animals otherwise known as PETA is now in the process of organizing a boycott ever since these horses perished in the unfortunate accidents. The group stated that “Treasure of Patience is just the latest in a long line of cruel, unnecessary, and preventable deaths” and that there is often what they consider abuse by provoking the animals before they are let out of the pens.

“Rodeos are way out of step with public opinion, and it’s time for them to be relegated to the pages of history books. PETA encourages everyone to stay away from rodeos and to support legislation that protects animals from this abuse.” PETA stated. Mr. Brockman replied in defense that his show strictly adheres to the guidelines in taking care of the animals. He assured a local CBS News station that “We adhere to more than 70 different rules that deal with animal welfare and animal care and handling. We take those rules very seriously. We maintain a veterinarian on staff 24/7 through the 23-day run of our show… Animal welfare is something very important to us.”