NYPD Sergeant Arrested For Shoplifting Designer Clothing From A Macy’s Department Store

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Off-duty NYPD Sergeant Eva Pena, 37, was arrested on Tuesday evening after being caught stealing clothing from Macy’s department store in Yonkers, New York

An off-duty NYPD sergeant has been suspended after being arrested for shoplifting from a Macy’s department store in Yonkers, New York.

Sergeant Eva Pena was busted by security staff at the store in Cross County Mall after CCTV cameras caught her trying to steal six items of clothing worth $360 on Tuesday night.

The items included Tommy Hilfiger pants, a lace Guess dress, and a beaded Guess shirt. 

Pena, 37, who earns $107,898-a-year policing the New York City Housing Authority in the Bronx, was stopped as she left the store at 8.30 pm.

The arrest of the 5ft 4ins-tall officer, who joined in 2005, will be all the more embarrassing to the NYPD after she recently posed with police commissioner James O’Neill at a police event.

An internal NYPD report on her arrest detailed security cameras recorded her taking the sales tags off the clothing and placing the items in her purse before she tried to leave the store without paying.

sergeant arrested shoplifting
Pena (left) recently posed at a police function with NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill (center)
sergeant arrested shoplifting
Pena (left) was suspended from her $107,809-a-year role policing the New York City Housing Authority in the Bronx
sergeant arrested shoplifting
Pena was spotted taking sales tags off the clothing and putting the items into her purse. A security officer stopped her before she left the store
sergeant arrested shoplifting
Items Pena stole included Tommy Hilfiger pants, a lace Guess dress, and a beaded Guess shirt, according to court papers

A female Macy’s ‘loss prevention officer’ stopped her from leaving the store and placed her in a security office before Yonkers police arrived.

sergeant arrested shoplifting
A female security guard stopped Pena from leaving the Macy’s Department Store in the Cross Town Mall in Yonkers

Following her arrest by Yonkers police for ‘petit larceny’, her NYPD bosses placed her on suspension at 915pm.

The internal report stated: ‘A female identified as Sergeant Eva Pena was observed on store surveillance removing price tags from merchandise, which she then placed six clothing items into her purse and attempted to walk out of Macy’s without making payment.

‘[The Macy’s staffer] approached Sergeant Pena before she could exit the store and found the merchandise in her purse. Sergeant Pena was placed under arrest.’

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