Boy Has Sharp Pains While Having A Hamburger And His X-Ray Gave A Disturbing Answer…

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Anthony Fiore is a boy who experienced a real nightmare just because of a tiny piece of wire from a bristle brush. In order to grill a few hamburgers, Anthony’s mother used a bristle brush to clean the grill.

But, only after a few bites, Anthony felt something strange was literally hurting his throat. The pain was getting stronger by every minute.

His mother knew it was serious, so she took him to the hospital.


The doctors did an x-ray where they discovered a tiny piece of a metal stuck in the boy’s throat. It was a wire from the bristle brush his mom used for cleaning the grill. The situation was highly dangerous because that small piece of wire could badly hurt his organs in the case that it moved further.

Luckily, the doctors managed to remove the metal bristle and save the boy. Unfortunately, after a few days from the surgery, Anthony got a very serious infection because the bristle was dirty. Only after several rounds of heavy antibiotics, was he feeling better and finally safe.


According to Dr. Aziz Benbrahim, these cases happen very often, the only difference is that some cases are more or less dangerous.

Dr. Benbrahim gave an example to CBS News where an x-ray discovered a small piece of a bristle brush in his patient’s stomach which caused a lot of pain and serious damage. The doctor and his surgical team had a very complicated task which he explains:

“I had to open him up completely. Then we remove this wire and we found out also why he had chest pain — because he also had a pulmonary embolism, which is a blood clot in his lungs. He was just lucky he was still alive. All from this wire.”

Also, the doctor explained that sometimes is really hard to find out the true hotbed of the trouble:

“Nobody knows the statistics, that’s the problem. The only paper published talks about six or seven cases and I believe it’s a much, much more common. When I was talking to my colleagues at the hospital, I was surprised that all of them had at least one or two patients like this. I didn’t think it was that common. And this isn’t a very big hospital, so I assume that in a bigger hospital they would have more.”

Luckily, Anthony told his mother that something went wrong before the things got even worse.

Learn about this case in the video below.


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