Texan Woman Shoots Intruder Breaking Into Her Home, But What Was Left In His Car Saddened Everyone

A Texas woman shot a man allegedly coming into her home, killing him. And, the man who was breaking in had his 7-year-old son with him.

The incident started when a 30-something-year-old man scared the homeowner while breaking into her bedroom through a window. The woman said she grabbed her gun and shot twice at the suspect. He was hit once. He was pronounced dead the hospital.

Officers arrived at the scene and detained the little boy. Police Chief William McManus said the agency was going to get help for the boy.

The homeowner would not face charges for the killing.

Many people who read the story about the incident said they credit the homeowner for saving her life but felt bad for the boy.

According to one reader, the man got what he deserved because who knows what he would have done to her but felt bad for the child. Another person agreed the man got what he deserved and should never have taken his child along with him. Another reader said the woman did the right thing, and perhaps the child will now grow up in a better home.

Some readers were quick to point out about the escalating rise of violence in the nation.

According to one reader, respect begins at home, and when there is a lack of it, it leads to violence. The reader said too many parents use the Nintendo, Xbox, and Internet to babysit their kids instead of talking to them about Christ’s teachings. According to the reader, it’s only going to get worse with absent parenting.

A few weeks earlier, another San Antonio female resident shot at an intruder during an attempted break-in. However, she shot through the window, an attempt to scare the man away. Police said there was no evidence he’d been shot.

The man escaped but was described as a Hispanic man, perhaps in his early 20s. He was trying to break in through the home’s kitchen door.