Man Sleeps With High School Bully’s Mom As Revenge

A woman reached out for help from a local radio station and its DJs to find out why the much younger man she had a first date with hadn’t called her back.

The couple, going by the name of Rob and Arielle, slept together on their first date.

Arielle wanted help into finding out why Rob had ghosted her, so she called up Boston DJs Ramiro, Melissa, Pebbles and Wiggy hoping to get in touch with the man.

After Arielle introduced herself and told the story of what happened between her and the young man, the DJs decided to give Rob a call themselves to find out his side of the story.

No one, not even Arielle, could foresee what he would say.

Rob was a bit shocked about the call, especially when the DJs told him they were willing to pay for a date with the woman who really liked him. They called him a master of the bedroom and that she wondered why he never called her back.

Rob thought the whole situation was hilarious and wanted to learn the woman’s name.

When the DJs told him, he responded that he’s going to sound like an a..hole but sleeping with Arielle was done out of revenge for how her son bullied him when they were younger. He said he saw her online, recognized the last name and decided that screwing the bully’s mother was the ultimate revenge. He wanted to rub it into Arielle’s son’s face about sleeping with his mother.

All four DJs were shocked and revealed to Rob that Arielle was on the line and heard about his plan to get revenge on her son Sam.

Arielle asked Rob if he was friends with Sam.

Rob said no, and that her son ruined his life. He said he was able to return the favor and would send pictures of Arielle to her son. Before ending the call, Rob said this was the best day of his life and that no chance for a second date would occur, as he got what he needed from Sam’s mother.