They Captured A Giant Snake And Thought It Had Eaten A Calf, But Found These Inside It

Villagers in Nigeria captured and killed a huge, swollen snake under the suspicion that it was eating livestock and had eaten a calf. The snake, which is suspected to be an African rock python, was roughly 10 feet long and a foot wide.

However, the instant locals cut the snake open, they didn’t find what they thought they would find. Instead, the snake was filled with dozens upon dozens of eggs. This means the continent’s largest snake was about to lay eggs – it wasn’t bulging because it was eating livestock.



Still, the snake eggs are a rare treat for the people in Nigeria. The eggs were removed and are likely to be consumed by the locals.

Some snake species can produce nearly 100 eggs in a single instance.

According to Nigerian commenters, there was little sympathy for the snake, and many locals said they were happy to have prevented so many snake births.

African rock pythons don’t contain poison but can grow to nearly 16 feet long. The snakes will crush, asphyxiate and constrict their prey to kill it. According to various claims, a 23-foot python in the 1950s was killed and was said to have a human infant and another animal inside.

The pythons typically eat antelopes, crocodiles, fruit bats, large rodents, monitor lizard, monkeys, and warthogs. However, they’ve been known to consume cheetah, leopard and lion cubs as well.

Last month in Malaysia, the longest-ever recorded captured python has laid her eggs before being killed. The snake was about 26 feet long with a weight of 550 pounds. The snake was captured by a team of civil defense officers after they found it at a construction site under a tree. In a video, one of the team members had kicked the reptile while trying to handle it. Due to the stress, the snake laid her eggs prematurely.

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