Neighbor Steals His Shovel During Snow Storm So He Decides To Teach Her A Lesson

David Welles, who lives in Chicago, taught a neighbor a valuable lesson five years ago during a brutal winter storm. When a neighbor decided to help herself to his snow shovel, casually resting on his front porch, so that she could dig her car out from under several feet of snow, it might not have been too bad.

It was when she neglected to return it that things turned ugly.

Welles, who has his own high-tech security camera company, got the whole incident on video, so he knew exactly who the culprit was. Unfortunately for his neighbor, he’d also just bought a brand new snow blower, and was more than happy to try it out on his forgetful resident-next-door’s car. And so he did, reburying her vehicle over its roof in freshly fallen white stuff.

“I got a little, uh, I guess passive-aggressive,” Welles told an interviewer, as shown on Buffalo, New York TV station News 4. “And I got a new snow blower, so I was kind of excited to bury her car.”

Welles softened his actions by claiming he was angry to be missing the snow shovel, because he’d wanted to use it to build his little daughter an igloo. He also said the neighbor had allowed her dog to relieve himself all over his fresh snow, making him doubly mad about the whole situation.

The moral of the story? Perhaps we can borrow from the Bard himself, William Shakespeare, for that one: “Neither a borrower nor a lender be.”


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