Soccer Player Mistakenly Thanks Both His Wife And Girlfriend In Awkward Interview

Post match interviews are usually pretty feel good and informative moments when the athletes explain their reasonings, strategies, and then thank their family members or friends for their support.

Unfortunately, Mohammed Anas who plays in the South African premier soccer league had a bit of a mix-up when he was thanking people during his interview with a sports reporter.



Anas ended up thanking both his wife and girlfriend in this interview.  In his words, ““And I appreciate my fans, also. My wife and my girlfriend… yeah, I mean my wife. Yeah, sorry to say… I’m sorry… I’m so sorry, my wife…” Anas said, as he was named Man of the match.

As soon as it aired, it made it’s internet rounds and people had their comments.



There’s always someone trying to rationalize with an excuse…


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