When A Cop Gives This Guy A Ticket, There’s Something Inside As He Opens It Up

Colleagues praised a cop in Texas for helping a man who he had pulled over with an expired registration.

Hayden Carlo, 25, was pulled over by the unnamed officer after the cop had found the registration was no longer “in date.” Carlo was asked why he failed to get the car registered, and what he heard moved him.

Carlo told him he had no real explanation for it other than the lack of money. It said it was either get his kids food or get the registration for the vehicle.

The officer, who felt for Carlo and loved the honesty, gave him a citation but it had a rolled up $100 bill inside of it.

Carlo said when he opened it and saw the money, he started to cry in the car.  He said there wasn’t much else he could do. He used that money to renew both his and his wife’s car registration, making them both legal once more.  Carlo said the officer helped him out at a time he needed it most, and that was something he’d never forget.

Carlo’s grandfather, Billy McIntire, moved by the officer’s gesture, wrote the Plano Police Department about the officer and his good deed.

McIntire said he became emotional because people hardly hear about the good things cops do. He said many officers might not choose to do this kind of thing.

The unknown officer never spoke to his colleagues about the action until department received the letter.  Once they did, they honored for his “act of kindness” during that routine traffic stop.

According to the police department spokesman David Tilley, the officer felt the man needed the money more than he did.

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