Dad Confronts Two Women Stealing His Beach Equipment

This past 4th of July, American Independence Day, a father went to New Smyrna Beach in Florida with his family. He brought a foldable canopy, some chairs, and a bunch of toys for the kids. He left the site for only a few minutes, and when he returned, two women were packing away his gear. He immediately turned on his camera, hit record and confronted them.
“You need some help?” he asks the thieves as they’re fumbling with his canopy. “Do you know how to do it?” one of them responds. “Yeah… this is our stuff,” the father explains. The thieves initially try to talk their way out of it but they quickly lose their cool when it finally sinks in that they’ve been caught in the act, on camera.

Watch the video below but be warned, there’s some foul language.


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