This Young Girl’s Reply To How Teacher Punishes Her Class Is Being Shared All Over

An 11-year-old from the United Kingdom named Ava Morrison-Bell had quite an interesting reply when the teacher set out to ask for feedback.

Apparently the teacher uses “collective punishment” as in if one student does something wrong, everyone in the classroom is punished because of it.  Well, Ava hasn’t taken to kindly to being punished for other’s actions I take it.  Check out the response that has gone extremely viral with nearly half a million likes and hundreds of thousands of retweets.


Ava cited a war crime clause in the 1949 Geneva Conventions to argue against collective punishment.  It seems like someone was paying attention in history class!

Ava’s father was sort of shocked, and proud in the same sentiment.  He states that he doesn’t know whether to buy her ice cream, or ground her!



Ava’s dad also went on to explain that she does appreciate her teacher very much, however, there’s never anything wrong with constructive criticism, especially when it is requested.

Many other people shared their opinions about the reply:




Yeah, buy her year long ice cream, Ava won’t disagree to that!





It turns out one of two of her Dad’s options became true.  Ava got her ice cream!


What did you think of this?  Let people know about Ava and what you think of the story.