Teen Meets Unfortunate Demise After Finding His Father’s Stash

Authorities think a 13-year-old Ohio boy found his dad’s heroin stash and decided to try it with devastating consequences.

Nathan Wylie was found unconscious by both his dad and a co-worker at a Dayton mechanic lot. They rushed the teenager to a nearby fire station, where they believed he used heroin his father had.

Medics gave the boy four milligrams of Narcan, but there was no change. He was taken to a hospital close by where doctors put him on life support. They also discovered he had no brain activity.

The boy was declared dead on Saturday.

Nathan’s aunt wrote on the GoFundMe page that Nathan’s life was cut short, and the family was unprepared for this kind of tragedy. The woman said they would like to give Nathan’s family a place to visit.

There were several negative comments posted on the page, and she asked commenters to either privately message her on Facebook or to not saying anything at all. She said the family is dealing with a terrible loss.

Although police believe the young boy took his father’s drugs, a toxicology test is being conducted to learn exactly what Nathan used.

Investigators are talking to witnesses to find out what happened before Nathan’s death.

Robert Wylie, 40, was arrested for his son’s death on suspicion of child endangerment.  A previous arrest record shows the older Wylie had been arrested when police found crack cocaine, heroin, syringe and needle on him during a traffic stop. He was charged in that case.

Police also found drug paraphernalia at the home where another minor child lived. That child sent a picture to a relative of white powder and razor blade on a plate, which is why authorities stepped in.

Wylie and his girlfriend had been arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia, drug abuse instruments and child endangerment.

Source: MommyPage