Mom Finds Teenage Son Doing Despicable Act To Young Cousin, Immediately Calls Police

A 14-year-old boy faces life in prison after he brutally raped his eight-year-old cousin.

According to officials, Solomon Pule is being tried as an adult after he allegedly used a pair of scissors to threaten the little girl if she screamed during the act.

Pule’s mother said she asked her son and the little girl to straighten a downstairs room while she went and put her two-year-old child down for a nap. When she came out of the room, the house was eerily quiet, and she knew something wasn’t right.

When Pule’s mother went into the room, she saw her son on top of his younger cousin, raping her.

She called the police immediately, and let them know what had happened. She told police she saw scissors on the loveseat near the two kids.

During the interview with investigators, the little girl told them what had happened, saying her cousin threatened her with the scissors if she made noise and then put his “thing inside her.”

Solomon is facing both first and second-degree rape, despite his young age. If convicted of the charges, he could spend the remainder of his life in prison.

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