Teen Fight Video Goes Viral After Parents Egg Them On With Vulgar Encouragement

A video of two teens fighting has gone viral, but it’s not the girls’ fighting that has the Internet fired up. It’s what’s being said in the video background that’s causing such an uproar.

The video shows two girls – a brunette and blond – fighting with the brunette’s parents cheering their daughter on, yelling out vulgarities. It’s believed the fight occurred in the southern U.S. They film the fight, watching their daughter and teen pull each other’s hair, punch each other and cursing at one another. The parents scream at their daughter to keep fighting.

At some point, the blond girl stops and asks the brunette girl why she has her parents there.

Still, both parents are cheering the girl on, with the father telling his daughter to lock the other girl’s legs. The mother is more vulgar, telling her she’s beat her “ass.” The mother told her daughter to continue beating the blond girl up until she shuts her mouth.

The mother continued the barrage of vulgarities by telling her daughter to mess her up for Prom.

The video has gone viral, with many people commenting on how wrong the parents are for encouraging their daughter for fighting. Another person commented that if the daughter lost, her mother threatened to beat her.

A Facebook commenter said there’s a difference between fighting problems out, but to encourage their daughter to continue the fight and beat her if she lost, then it’s child abuse.

Another commenter said the girl’s parents should not be encouraging this, and the fight may not have taken place if not for them.

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