14-Year-Old Turns A $12,000 House Into This, Then Rents It Out…

There are always a few kids and teens out there like Willow Tufano. She is an incredible 14-year-old that decided to fix up a $12k house after much pushback from her parents and other friends her age.

So now Willow is both a homeowner AND a landlord. After a journey of discovering things on Craigslist for free, she would turn around and then sell them. Willow built up over $6,000 in profits doing this, and then after a good couple months, she was able to think about something else. That’s when she decided to look into an even bigger venture.

Willow found a small house listed for $16,000 down from $100,000 because of the bad Florida real estate market, and she ended up negotiating with the owner and buying it for $12,000. Her Dad, while at first telling her to “get a real job”, saw the fruits of Willow’s labors and decided to pitch in and help her out with fixing up the property she purchased.

Now, after a whole house renovation, she is charging the new tenants $700/mo for rent. Due to all of these impressive feats for a 14-year-old, she was contacted by Ellen DeGeneres and asked to be on the show.

Ellen had a special surprise for her as she went on… How wonderful!


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