Texan Man Who Beat His Daughter’s Alleged Rapist To Death Gets His Outcome

A Texas father is avoiding criminal charges after he beat to death his daughter’s alleged rapist.

A Lavaca County grand jury decided not to press charges against the Shriner father, who allegedly killed Jesus Mora Flores, 47, after he caught him molesting his five-year-old child on the family farm.

District Attorney Heather McMinn said Texas law states deadly force is justified and permitted in the event of sexual assault or aggravated sexual assault.

On the day in question, the little girl and her brother went to feed the chickens. Flores picked the little girl up and ran to a secluded shack. The little boy ran to his father to let him know what happened. He ran to the shack and heard his daughter screaming.

According to the father, he found his daughter and the farmhand’s underwear off, which is when flew into a rage and started beating the man until he went unconscious. After that, the father dialed 911.

Although he was the one that beat him, he was afraid the man wouldn’t survive. He pleaded with the 911 dispatcher to hurry up and save the man, and he offered to take him to the hospital in his truck.

The name of the father wasn’t released to protect the identity of the daughter.

Shortly afterward, Sheriff Micah Harmon said he himself would not press charges and would let a grand jury decide. Harmon said the father was extremely remorseful. He also said the girl’s father acted in defense for a third-party unable to defend herself.

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