Thief Steals Wallet But Once He Opens It Up, He Turns Himself In


When Conner Dawes attacked and robbed a young man, he didn’t realize his victim suffers from a form of autism.

Dawes, 19, turned himself into police, telling him he was “scum,” after he found out, by opening the victim’s wallet that the young man he had kicked and robbed suffered from Asperger’s.

Dawes suggested to the court that he spend time behind bars because he deserved it. In Warick crown court, Judge Silvia de Bertodano agreed with that assessment and gave him two years in jail.

He told Dawes that even though he didn’t know he had autism, he did know he was vulnerable being that he was alone at night. He said the young man already struggles with things in his life, and the robbery just made things even worse.

Dawes pushed the man over in an alley, stealing his coat, phone and wallet. While looking through the wallet, Dawes learned of the man’s condition. He felt ashamed for what he did and turned himself into police.

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