A Serious Threat Was Posted To The Police, Then The Perp Got A Serious Response

Due to an alarming Facebook post, an individual from Racine, Wisconsin, was apprehended for his outrageous threats against law enforcement.

threat against police

The man, a one Byron Cowan, published the out lash to his Facebook feed, where lots of viewers instantly presumed he meant to inspire African American males to murder white officers.

Cowan’s post said for “every black man” to “strap up” and for white officers, supposing he meant white police officers, to “kiss there love ones good bye”.

threat against police

The man was taken into custody at his residence shortly after making the post by FBI and the local PD on felony charges of terrorist threats, hate crimes, and threats to injure officers of the law. Cowan’s wife stated that his rant had been “all talk” and he didn’t intend to be given serious attention, WDJT reported.

Tracey, Byron’s wife, expressed, “He loves everybody, but he gets very emotional about things.”

The Facebook poster’s spouse was surprised that his write-up had such an extreme outcome.

Tracey Cowan added, “someone…decided to label him as a terrorist. It’s like you can’t say anything without somebody being offended.”

A person living next-door, Charles Boyle, claimed he was stunned at the charges against Cowan.

Boyle thought, “if he’s willing to do that, who’s to say what else he’s willing to do, so yeah, it’s unsettling.”

Many viewers of Cowan’s FB post were complimenting the authorities for taking action against him after word of his apprehension was swiftly made visible on the internet.

One viewer who depicted this feeling pronounced, “he is demented….we are ALL human beings….and I am…color blind…Police officers and their families are human beings just like we are ALL connected…cherish Life…ALL Life”.

threat against police

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