Someone Parks In Her Spot And She Gets A Ticket, So She Leaves This Note For Them…

There are surprises each and every day.  Some are good and some, well, not so good.  When honest mistakes are made, sometimes these result in misfortune for us, and it’s easy to get upset about them.

That’s what happened in this story where a woman found out someone else parked in her spot at her residence.  She wrote a note that explained what happened and that she ended up getting a ticket for it.  Not having any money, she explained that she was broke and that she could’ve had the person towed and ticketed.  Being a decent person though, she didn’t do that and asked for the person parked in her spot to please not do it again.


Then came the response. The next day. she found quite a nice surprise.  There was $100 in an envelope and a note containing an apology.