These Pics Prove That Tinder Is A Full On Crapshow

Weekends could be daunting to some especially if all of your co-workers either have a date or are married. If you are one of those who always like to the weekends for this reason, worry no more.

There are several dating apps today that are intended for this one. For instance, Tinder. But be warned. Don’t expect too much. Just play it cool. Here are some photos why we say Tinder is the wild west of dating apps.

1. In all fairness, she knows what to do (or not) on a first date. 


2. What a douche! Come on, guys! This is not the best way to win a lady’s heart. 


3. The only thing that he can think of for coming over to a lady’s place at 3 am is if she is planning to kill him. Well, you can’t be too careful, right? 



4. Hey! What are you waiting for? She sends you her flat screen mirror? 


5. She really in need of help guys. You understand that the transition would be really hard for her, right? 


6. Kerry: “Yeah right! I am surprised too”.


7. Who knows someone can get a lady in his bed with this trick. Whatta boy!


8. Guy: “Probably, morphing into that animal”. 


9. We are wondering too just like you Jake. 


10. This is when you think you should have bought “Dating for Dummies” book. 


11. Take him! Take him! Girl this is the best deal you can ever have. 


12. Seriously? Are you sure this is the perfect time to go on a date? 


13. Guy: “So how free are you again tonight? 

Hannah: “Wait let me ask my dad.”


14. Yes, you can find anyone in Tinder. 


15. Very smooth. Well done. But don’t forget to do some research on vegan before you go on a dinner date ok? 


16. Lesson learned: If you want to piss a match on Tinder, this is the best way to do it.


17. He is not yet ready to answer you Mr. Universe pageant question, so cut it off!


18. OMG! You totally ruin my all-time fav movie dude! But Olivia says yes, so what the heck! 


19. If you can take advantage of the moment, this is it. 


20. If he can make the names of vegetables sound good, imagine what he can do with the fruits.


21. Talking about dumping someone. How hard is that?