After Trafficking Scare, Mom Makes A List Of Things To Be Aware Of

child trafficking

Amanda Florczykowski from Texas, says the scariest thing happened to her at one of the local stores not that long ago. In order to help other parents, she wrote a thorough post on social media where she described the whole thing:

“I got in the check-out line at a local store early afternoon. I took my daughter out of the cart and the couple ahead struck up the typical conversation about how “cute your daughter is” and then asked about her age, repeatedly. I initially was understanding of what I assumed was a cultural barrier, but I quickly became uncomfortable with the woman’s body language and close proximity to my cart/kids.

I picked my daughter up only to have the woman ask if she could hold her. The woman was so close at this point that my toddler reached her arms around the woman before I could really respond.

Florcyzkowski continues with more details on her scary story: In an instant, her proximity finally changed and she backed away. I grabbed back on to my daughter as the woman was saying, “Say bye to mommy” – what an unusual comment to provoke a child to say. The woman resisted returning her when I physically pulled my daughter from her arms.

Know their conversation began immediately with me and this all took place over only a few moments.”

Amanda also saw a man who was watching her all the time. The man didn’t have a basket, bags, anything.

She decided to research about child sex traffickers. Amanda realized her daughter was in great danger because all the details of what happened matched with many other similar experiences.

Then, she made a list of signs that you should be aware of as a parent:

– Kidnappers usually don’t work alone.

– watch out if anyone strange and unknown is approaching. No matter what age, skin color, gender, appearance…

– The suspect couple only takes a few items… nothing big to stop them from running away.

– The kidnappers will do everything to distract you, split your attention and violate your body space.

– Note that the kidnappers may also follow you on your way to the car or even home.

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