When Woman Finds The Truth About Online Lover, She Tragically Ends Her Life

When a woman found out that she gave close to $50,000 to an Internet scammer, she committed suicide by hanging herself in her employer’s office building stairwell.

Boyati Miskun killed herself after she learned from an Indonesian consulate that the man she had fallen for – David Mark – was not who he said he was despite the four-year online relationship and sending him $49,000 to help him out.

Miskun started talking to Mark in 2011, who said he was a U.S. Army veteran in Ghana. After four years of talking, Mark allegedly told Miskun he was ready to retire and would be moving to Indonesia for her. The problem, according to officials, is that Mark informed Miskun he had $75,000 in gold in Ghana. He wanted to put the “gold certificate” in her name, which would eventually come to her.

Shortly afterward, she got an email from a Capt. Samuel Friday who said she needed to send nearly $50,000 to deal with the customs clearance tax to attain the gold. Unfortunately, she did pay but got an email from Friday that the money wasn’t paid on time. Miskin started to receive death threats.

Miskun sought out assistance from the Indonesian consulate, only to learn that she has been swindled.

According to Indonesia Vice Consul Rafail Walangitan, Miskun refused to believe she was scammed. She did not change her email, Facebook or phone number because she believed Mark was real. Walangitan said she did not want to break up with him.

Out of desperation and the refusal to believe Mark was a scammer, she killed herself while working.

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