Driver From Uber Drugs Passenger And Raids His Home

uber driver drugs passenger

Exactly why might an Uber passenger hailing from Plantation, Florida allow an Uber contractor in their residence?

Based on a new Channel 10 statement, it was due to the female driver explaining to the passenger she had to go to the restroom following the ride coming from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport Terminal and, the victim of the burglary stated, “I’m a nice guy and I didn’t think there was any harm.”

That’s when he got up a few hours afterward to discover he’d ended up cheated, he explained to law enforcement. This individual realized he’d been drugged from the drinking water the car owner gave him. Authorities had arrested Hialeah’s Brandi Begerow with an indictment of robbery as well as grand theft of a weapon. The woman is currently being held in Broward County jail.

Uber shared with The Herald that the company’s car owners have an extensive criminal background screening process that features sex-offender registries as well as screening against nationwide terrorist watch databases. Inside Miami-Dade and also Broward, getting any specific type of criminal felony conviction throughout the previous several years disqualifies any job applicant, and also they’ll also be rejected if they apply within half a year concluding any jail sentence.

Begerow’s prosecutions go back almost 15 years. The charges include cocaine possession along with a misdemeanor cannabis charge around 2002, and cocaine possession and possession with the objective to sell during the year 2003. This woman was not arrested right after getting charged with 2nd-degree grand theft just 5 years ago.

Regarding what went down Jan. Thirtieth during the early morning hours, the victim, that requested Channel 10 don’t identify him, recalls a lesser amount than what his security digicam saw which was Begerow departing the residence a couple of hours before.

The drugged victim stated to Channel 10 that Begerow grabbed not simply a pistol in addition to a smaller safe, but also the victim’s taxes through 2012-2015 which implies possible identity fraud.

During a more recent press conference alleging government action towards an excess of 100 presumed individuals associated with plots to thieve sensitive information from a large number of affected individuals, United states Attorney Wifredo Ferrer referred to as South Florida an “epicenter of identity theft.’’

He mentioned the way in which id scammers are at this moment looking for a way steal other id thieves’ data in their residences to obtain personal i.d. data of victims, comparable to how things go about whenever narcotic suppliers attack other drug dealers’ stashes in order to rob drugs.